The Art of The Goalie

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The Art of The Goalie

Post by zfitr on Tue Feb 02, 2016 2:55 pm

Hey I'm zfitr, the leader, co-owner and most importantly the team goalie! Everybody wants to get that epic aerial goal to win the game. And yeah you can, but if everyone's flying in the air who's defending. I always say, "you can have an amazing offence, but its the defense that wins the game." The defender is just as or even more important than the offense, the goalie is the one who ensures your victory! If the other team can't make a goal because your a brick wall, you win. "But Z, how do I be a brick wall?!" Well I'm gonna tell ya right now!

1. Know Where The Ball Is.
      Ball-cam is your friend! It is the easiest way to tell where the ball is and where its going. BUT sometimes it'll screw up and disorient you when your backwards from the ball or your trying to land from a big aerial save. Here's my advice. I use ball-cam while i'm in the goal if you go up for the aerial save and you hit it, turn it off. What? you can turn off ball cam? Pros do it all the time. I see a lot of new players only use ball cam and when their trying to dribble or steal or block, many times they miss. Like I said it screws you up sometimes.

2. You Are The Last Resort!
      Being goalie is not clearing. If you play full time goalie stay in the goal. Now there are some exceptions, if all of your team misses the clear, then you need to clear it. Your team needs to do whatever to they can to PREVENT the shot, not just block it. Its easier to prevent a shot than block everything (trust me I know). Chip shots are extremely hard to predict and block, so just work as a team to prevent em'.

3. Follow the ball.
     Many of you are like "What? but we're supposed to stay in goal." Following the ball is not necessarily literally tailing the ball. What I mean is positioning your car to be facing the ball at all times, so you are prepared for any shot that might be taken. The best way to do this is be right behind the goal line and pointing the nose of your car towards the ball all the time. Now if you are a aggressive defender and you like to sit in about midfield, the same principle applies. If you choose to be aggressive, you will be driving in circles... a lot.

Always have a constant supply of boost. BUT DON'T DITCH THE GOAL for the full boost all the time. You have a constant supply right in front you on that little boost pad. Now, if the you make an amazing clear and no ones there to intercept it, heck yeah go get the full boost! Just get right back to your post just in case the other team makes a lucky chip shot.
When clearing the ball either hit it really frickin hard to the other side OR clear it into one of the two corners on either side. I recommend the second one with the warning not to hit it so hard that it centers for the other team. That's also a big no-no, never ever hit it to the side really fast. It will center the ball for them and they will score an easy goal on you.

Check out Sir. Pandas post on How to Aerial in Rocket League. Aerials are key in saves and clears learning to hit the ball any where, from any where will save your team a lot of goal making to catch up.

Thanks for checking out my guide to the goalie! Check out our other Tips and Tricks on the site.

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